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My works explore human choice making. This includes touching on such delicate issues as shame and guilt, investigate causes and effects, evidences, perception and changing opinion over time, regretting and justification. For generating and developing ideas I use a wide range of resources starting from scientific reports about human brain and memory, ending with personal interviews and diaries. At the moment I am mainly focused on personal interpretation of the theme. Most of my works are human size scaled and inviting for a private discovery and experience. Nevertheless as a long term challenge I am determined to expand the theme and raise it from individual to social level.


I have a very precise understanding of how my art should interact with the audience and what feelings I want to provoke. I am not attached to any particular media; I prefer to choose materials depending on project. Experimentation and study are a core part of my practice. I do not step back from doing a project merely because I don’t have particular skills, because I believe that if an artist has a clear vision of what they want to make, skills can  be gained. I have made projects using such materials as welded metal, wood, clay, crochet, and I have experimented with sound and video, when I believed that it added value to my work.


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